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How Much Does It Cost To Launch A Eyelash Line?

How Much Does It Cost To Launch A Eyelash Line?

Custom Eyelash Packaging

Hi Love , Are you finding Eyelash Vendors . Many girls want to Launch their lashes business,and they do not want to spend too much money,so this post ,I will tell you start Your Own Lashes Business With Little Money.

Wholesale Mink Lashes

How many  Wholesale lashes do you need to start your own lashes business.

You can begin with 30 pairs lashes and choose different lashes style and each lashes cost 4 to 6 USD ,so the lashes will cost 120 to 180 USD.

Custom Eyelash Boxes

Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging

Usually Wholesale Lash Vendors have their own MOQ,so if you can begin with 30 Custom Eyelash Packaging ,The best 3d mink lash vendors  could print your label with logo on the regular Eyelash Packaging Wholesale .so this custom packaging for 30pairs  lashes would cost 30 to 90 .

Shipping cost

If you order Wholesale Mink Lashes with Custom Eyelash Packaging ,The shipping cost would be 25 to 35 USD depending express you choose.

Mink Lashes Wholesale

Choose Mink Lash Vendors

If you want to make your own brand in good selling . I suggest to choose purchase Mink Lashes Wholesale in good quality. If you only want to choose the cheapest product, I suggest you not waste your time, because 99% of this will fail! because we have met too many customers to do this. I hope you will be ready, thinking well, doing market research, investigating products and product

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