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Is This Really Real? – Reviewing Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ Mascara

Every couple of months like clockwork a new mascara comes onto the market claiming to be the one and only mascara that can curl, volumise and lengthen your lashes in one swoop of an applicator brush, ridding you of all your minklashes wholesale worries and promising that you never have to look or use another mascara again but unfortunately a lot of these mascara’s don’t live up to their billing leading you into another long, deep search in order to find the perfect mascara. Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ Mascara is one of the new mascara’s to be introduce to beauty consumers around the world but whether it’s worth your attention is debatable. Therefore here we’ll provide you a review of Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ Mascara, helping you decide whether your search for the perfect mascara is over.Nrbos

minklashes wholesale
minklashes wholesale

What is Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ Mascara?

Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara is a eyelash lengthening mascara which is designed with a combination of short and long bristles which coat your lashes for extra length and definition. It is the special design of the long bristles of this brush which give you a smooth and precise application to your lashes with 100% of all users seeing long wearing results. The end of the brush is especially created to give attention to the smaller eyelashes helping them become enhanced by lifting them from the root and extending their length. This mascara is specifically designed to make people wonder if you’re wearing false lashes when you’re really not.

How to Apply ‘They’re Real’ to Your minklashes wholesale:

To apply They’re Real to your minklashes wholesale you just have to follow these simple steps.

Firstly make sure your minklashes wholesale are correctly prepped and are free from other products such as oils or eyelash serums. Next take your They’re Real mascara, hold the wand horizontally and wiggle it from side to side, from base to tip in order to lift and lengthen your lashes. After you have done this turn the wand vertically and stroke upwards to help curl and separate your lashes as well as define those which are smaller in size creating a doe-eyed look.

Advantages of Using this Mascara:

After the first application of ‘They’re Real’ mascara you can clearly see a difference in how your eyelashes look. They look plumper and more fuller, giving you tons of volume. Additionally the design of the applicator wand is perfect for making your eyelashes look longer and fuller helping you catch those little eyelashes which other applicator brushes constantly miss. Extra curl is also an added benefit with little flaking or smudging, with your minklashes wholesale still feeling soft after an application.

Another benefit of this mascara is that after applying your longer minklashes wholesale look will last all day long with no need for you to reapply. This saves the hassle of having to reapply your make up every couple of hours especially if you haven’t got the time.

Disadvantages of Using this Mascara:

minklashes wholesale
minklashes wholesale

When removing this mascara it is clear that a makeup remover is needed. This can be quite troublesome for those of us with sensitive eyes as constant use of eye solutions and rubbing can increasingly irritate you eyes. When applying this mascara you also come across some clumping and so you would need to use a mascara comb or another hand device to separate your eyelashes. Additionally although this mascara does give you longer more voluminous lashes it doesn’t make them look like they are fake minklashes wholesale like other mascara’s do.


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