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What Can You Buy From Laroche Lashes Eyelash Vendors 2?

What Can You Buy From Laroche Lashes Eyelash Vendors 2?

The last blog introduces us to provide 《Our Best Selling High Quality 3D Mink Eyelashes》 for our customers, and to Design Private Logo On The Eyelash Boxes For Customer》! Of course, as the professional Mink Eyelash Vendors, we have to prepare everything for our customers. We also have tweezers, glue and eyeliner glue pen.

<<Why do we provide customers with customized eyelash packaging boxes>>

We provide you with eyelash tweezers in many colors, and you can print the logo and brand name you want on the tweezers. Our tweezers are of high quality and made of metal. You can reuse them many times! Why buy tweezers? You need to know that eyelashes are worn on the eyes, the eyes are sensitive parts, so remember not to wear eyelashes directly with your hands, you need to use tweezers to wear eyelashes, this is a safe and clean practice!

Custom Eyelash Tweezers With Logo

Many people need to draw Eyeliner before putting on their eyelashes before making up, or first use glue to wear eyelashes. My dear, don’t be upset anymore. Laroche Lashes will provide you with a good tool — Eyeliner glue pen! In 2020, we introduced this kind of Eyeliner glue to ease the worries of makeup people. This eye pencil glue can be used as an eyeliner and can also be used as glue. And you can choose transparent or black, you can also print the logo you want on it!

Wholesale Eyeliner Glue Pen With Logo

Glue is an essential tool for pasting eyelashes. Here you can get the glue style you want, and print your logo on the glue, which makes your brand name more famous! And our glue is zero latex, does not contain other harmful substances carcinogens, absolutely will not cause harm to your eyes! When using the glue on the eyelash belt, pay attention to both ends of the eyelash easy to fall off, the amount should be a little more, and other places should be less coated, to avoid too much glue, the effect is not good!

Eyelash Glue With Your Logo

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