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Why 16mm Is The Best-Selling Length ?

Why 16mm Is The Best-Selling Length ?

Well known. 16mm is a very natural and short style. Although many people like Dramatic Eyelashes, if you are just starting the Eyelash Business, as a professional Mink Lash Vendors, I suggest you choose a natural style as a starting point.Because 16mm Eyelashes are relatively easy to be accepted.

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No matter what the color of the people, or people of any face shape, they are suitable for Natural Eyelash Styles, and they are very daily, they are the eyelash styles that are used every day.《What Do You Need To Know About Custom Eyelash Packaging Box?

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16mm Eyelashes are the most natural eyelash style, suitable for girls with fairer skin. Of course, if your skin tone is darker, you can wear 16mm Eyelashes when you are bare-faced. The biggest feature of 16mm eyelashes is nature. It is not obtrusive on the eyes and very beautiful.

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Many people wonder whether 12mm eyelashes will be more natural. In fact, 12mm Eyelashes are more suitable for Asians. For European and American countries, 16mm is recommended. All our eyelashes are designed according to the facial features of Europeans and Americans.

Custom Eyelash Packaging
Custom Eyelash Packaging

You can also choose Dramatic Eyelashes when your Eyelash Business expands in the middle and late stages. If your target group is mainly people with black skin, you can also choose 25mm Eyelashes as a starting point.Of course, 16mm eyelashes are also the best-selling style. Through customer feedback and market data analysis, more customers like natural styles. And the return order is the maximum length.Our eyelashes are made of Siberian Mink Hair, which is very light and soft, very close to the characteristics of human eyelashes.


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